DAR and SAR Clean Headstones

DAR and SAR members at Beverly Cemetery

On Friday, Ocotober 11, 2019, members of the John Hart Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution and the Tygart Valley Chapter Sons of the American Revolution cleaned the headstones of Revolutionary War soldiers buried at the Beverly Cemetery, located at Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia.

Beverly Cemetery entrance

Our choice for cleaning the Revolutionary War headstones is D2 Biological Solution.

D2 Biological Solution has been extensively tested by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior.

D2 has been used by an impressive number of cemeteries, organizations, sites, etc., a few of which are:
Department of Veterans Affairs
National Park Service
All Civil War National Cemeteries
Congressional Cemetery, Washington DC
The White House, Washington DC
and more…

We started our cleaning of the headstones by spraying D2 Biological Solution on the headstones to thoroughly wet them and waited 15 minutes. During the 15 minutes, if the headstones started to dry, we sprayed more D2 Biological Solution to keep the headstones wet. After waiting the 15 minutes, we gently cleaned the headstones with a soft nylon bristle brush, spraying the headstones with a water mist if it started to dry. When we finished cleaning the headstones, we thoroughly rinsed the headstones with clean water.

You can read more about D2 Biological Solution at http://d2bio.com/